How to Find the Right Ecommerce Solutions Provider for Your Canadian Business?

Provider for Your Canadian Business?

The shopping trend of Canadian consumers is changing. They want to make purchase from Canadian businesses instead buying from US or international retailers. They prefer to pay for their purchase in Canadian dollars, when shopping online.

An Overview of Canadian Ecommerce Market

According to recent Internet Retailer report, Canadian consumers will pay out more than $30 billion CAD via online shopping this year. But, unfortunately, Canadian retailers are able to lay hold of less than half of those sales. This is because they don’t have ecommerce websites. B2B and B2C retailers should realize the fact that to survive in today’s world, they have to embrace ecommerce websites as profitable opportunity.

The biggest benefit of today’s ecommerce solutions provider is that they are easy to operate by anyone with limited tech skills. Ecommerce solutions provider also offers online support to help customers maintain their online store. Ease and speed are another perks of what ecommerce platforms offer. From user-friendly content management to customer support, and to effective marketing tools, variety of payment options, security, analytics, are some of features that you possibly need to operate an online store.

While choosing the best ecommerce solutions provider for your Canadian business, it more depends on what you actually need. There are some standard features that every online retailers of Canada require for running their business.

what Questions to Ask?

There are some concerns which you should be mindful about when considering ecommerce solutions provider:

  • Will your online store be mobile optimized?
  • Will that ecommerce website builder offer good selection of quality ecommerce websites templates?
  • Is it user-friendly for both merchant and customers?
  • Will you need a merchant account?
  • Do Ecommerce platforms comparison for hosting services, and do they offer unlimited traffic?
  • Is Canadian currency accepted?
  • Do they offer free software updates?
  • How easy is the check-out process?

Why eCommerce Platforms?

Ecommerce solutions provider is a time-saver and it will save you from the aggravation of doing everything on your own. It is impossible to learn each and everything on your own. If you are a newbie entrepreneur to online business, you will experience that many ecommerce platforms have dedicated customer support to help customers in every possible way. You need to look for those ecommerce platforms that are SaaS providers as well.  Shopify, Volusion, and LemonStand are the best ecommerce solutions providers for Canadian businesses.