3 Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Business without Spending an Extra Dime

Growth is a desire for every webpreneur. As you launch your e-commerce website, the major goals are increasing your traffic, conversion rates, and sales. You do not want a website to increase your costs. Rather you aim to generate revenue for paying your bills and meeting other life needs. However, in business, growth does not come naturally. For your business to grow, you need to invest time and money in marketing and branding campaigns.

Nevertheless, limited budgets are a reality for startups and small businesses. As you know, your e-commerce business success lies in its ability to attract a consistent flow of visitors. Hence, you have to invest in online paid ads and SEO optimization. But at times, available revenue may be a constraint. If you are in this situation, there are ways to grow your e-commerce business without having to spend extra coins:


a. Focus on mobile devices-based customers

With increasing ownership of smartphones, people are shifting from PC to mobile devices when browsing or searching for products online. In fact, current Google statistics show that mobile-based searches contributed more than 50.3% of all web traffic in 2017. The number is expected to go up in 2018 and future. In this essence, optimizing your e-commerce website for the mobile shoppers can give you an upper hand in the online competition.

Here it means making your site mobile responsive and ensuring the customers share the same or better user experience as they would do on the online platform. You can achieve this during your web design stage meaning you will not need to invest extra money later.

b. Create high quality and product descriptions

Even with an increase in the ways of drawing traffic to your website, content is still the king of the digital marketplaces. The kind of content you post on your site will determine whether you will receive frequent visits or not. Also, the quality of your product description is essential in helping customers to make informed purchase decisions.

If your description is not clear and provides limited information about your products, you will only earn limited sales. The good thing is you can either develop your content yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Remember, investing in quality content will assure you continued sales without having to spend more revenue. Hence, you should mind your content and product descriptions quality if you want to save on your promotional budget. We recommend you to take a look at Shopify ecommerce software since it is perfect for beginners and experts alike, all you need to do is to click on https://learn.g2.com/ecommerce-website-builder

c. Offer high-quality customer and support services

Do you have a store of your choice where you visit anytime you need a product or a service? Certainly, one of the many reasons you are a regular customer of the store is the kind of services you receive. No one will visit a place with poor customer service for a second time even if the organization is offering their products at a lower price. As such, if you want to grow your e-commerce business, you must ensure that your customer services meet the quality requirements.

Remember, offering quality services transform your customers into your brand ambassadors. A customer will recommend your store to their peers if they enjoy the kind of services they receive from it. Hence, they will market your brands without asking for a coin. This way, you will save in your marketing budgets. Hence, if budgetary constraints are a pain on your back, concentrate your energy in providing high-quality customer services on your e-commerce website.


In a word, high-quality content and customer services as well as focusing on mobile shoppers are some of the many ways of enhancing growth in your e-commerce website. Focusing on these techniques will help you to save money in your marketing and branding campaigns.



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